Wild drumming techno tune, Magnetic Storm drops  
BETHANY BEACH, DE—Daniel Vincent of DVous Music brings the speed and wild orchestration of beats to the music world with Magnetic Storm.
"I felt a higher energy when I produced this track. Something a bit beyond the outer reaches of some music. Imagine you are in the middle of a magnetic storm on the sun. Just letting the energy of magnetism take over your body. That's the concept," said Vincent. "It feels like you are in a video game."
A full-length music video is available for Magnetic Storm on Youtube.
Fans on the DVous SoundCloud page have begged for more Dubstep and Techno music, and Vincent continues to deliver on that promise. This summer there will be a new song released named Zenith. Look for it on DVous Music's social media posts. 
DVous Music (pronounced dee-vee-us music) is a record label owned by Delaware artist, Daniel Vincent. His unique multi-genre approach creates complex rhythms and 3D sounds that is a journey for fans. Vincent's first-ever album, "Intensity Project," has been very successful across all major platforms and social media. With over a million video views.

About Daniel Vincent
Daniel has more than 44 years of professional experience as a performer, composer, and producer. His formal training was in Jazz and Classical music, then he gravitated toward electronic music over the years. He began keyboard lessons at six years of age as a way to help cure his dyslexia. His inspiration comes from artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, and Tangerine Dream. He is independent and currently publishes on his private record label, DVous Music.
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