Summer big banger released by DVous Music
BETHANY BEACH, DE—"Zenith" hits hard after it starts with some deep tech-house beats and crazily orchestrated robotic sounds. The song builds up to a wild double drop where the ground-shaking bass hits, along with some echoing synths playing back and forth All the while, a cinematic pad plucks away in the background.
"Fans, DJs, and producers requested more dubstep tracks from me over the past year. I love making dubstep tracks and wanted to take things a step further. That my nature to stir the ' pot' of music and genres," said Daniel Vincent. "'Zenith' This is one of more of these types of songs that I have in my library of ideas to work through."
DVous Music (pronounced dee-vee-us music) is a record label owned by Delaware artist, Daniel Vincent. His unique multi-genre approach creates complex rhythms and 3D sounds that are a journey for fans. Vincent's first-ever album, "Intensity Project," has been very successful across all major platforms and social media. With over a million video views.

About Daniel Vincent
Daniel has more than 44 years of professional experience as a performer, composer, and producer. His formal training was in Jazz and Classical music, then he gravitated toward electronic music over the years. He began keyboard lessons at six years of age as a way to help cure his dyslexia. His inspiration comes from artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, and Tangerine Dream. He is independent and currently publishes on his private record label, DVous Music.
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