New symphony takes listeners on a journey through the mind
Ground-breaking album explains dementia with music
BETHANY BEACH, DE — Daniel Vincent of DVous Music was inspired to compose and produce a symphony while dealing with the struggles of loved ones suffering from or passing with dementia. “I felt a calling from God to create music that may help others understand these brain diseases. The result is something more beautiful than I imagined it could be.”

Dementia is the umbrella term for many degenerative brain diseases. Many of them present seven phases of brain degeneration. The theme of the symphony takes listeners on a unique journey through each phase via movements (pieces) of the album,

Vincent explains, “The first movement celebrates the majesty of life before dementia strikes. Each piece is like a painting of sound, and they also invoke resolve to indicate plateaus that really occur.” A piano solo interlude is dedicated to caretakers, the respite they need, and the support they deserve. “The final movement, ‘Waltz to Heaven’ is a celebration of dancing to heaven with an angel,” said Vincent.

The album can be found on all electronic music services. DVous Music has teamed up with Dementia Society of America® organizations to accept donations on behalf of fans that wish to help.

About Daniel Vincent and DVous Music
Daniel has been a performer, composer, and producer with over 44 years of professional experience. His formal training was in Jazz and Classical music, and he gravitated toward Electronic over the years. He began keyboard lessons at six years of age as a way to help cure his dyslexia. His inspiration comes from artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, and Tangerine Dream. His biggest hit thus far was a collaborative tune named “When I Loved You” that features Ashley Toman on vocals.

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Hit Pop love song keeps breaking records!
First song to grow past 25k streams 
BETHANY BEACH, DE — On Jan. 5, 2023, "When I loved you" surpassed DVous Music's "Straight from the heart" to become the most successful song from the artist. The official music video for "When I Loved You" debuted at 4 pm EST on Sep. 18. Critics continue to rave about the song that was released Sep. 9. It is being played on over a dozen online radio stations around the globe, including Iconix Radio in Houston, TX. It was featured by The Tinnitist, Canada's foremost music critic who is featuring it on his blog and his Top 200 playlist on Spotify.
Daniel Vincent of DVous Music wrote and produced a song last year that needed lyrics and vocals. Ashley Toman’s ad appeared on Instagram, and a year later, a highly acclaimed love song burst onto the pop music scene on Sep. 9. “I heard Ashley’s magical voice, saw that she had written for Chaka Khan, and performed in her music video in 2019. Her lyrics and voice are a masterpiece,” said Vincent.
Toman commented, “I pour my soul into songwriting, and I feel this tune will touch a lot of hearts. Hard work went into getting this piece to the finish line.” The song hit major music services on Sep. 9. 

About Daniel Vincent and Ashley Toman
Both Ashley and Daniel have been individually performing and creating music professionally for many years. Toman spent time in Nashville, and after college, she began hitting open mic nights across her hometown of Houston, TX. She was awarded Houston Press Best New artist in 2017. She has written for Disney and Lifetime TV Network and has a published her own songs. Most recently she had a piece featured on the CW’s All-American: Homecoming.
Vincent has played in Pittsburgh and at presidential inauguration events as a jazz keyboardist. In 2021 he started publishing the music he had been working on for years. He has released an electronic dance music album, The Intensity Project, and several singles.
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