Daniel Vincent

Daniel played bass drum in the Waynesburg College Marching Band.

Welcome to DVous Music
Daniel Vincent is the driving force behind the DVous Music label. I write, record, and produce a variety of new music that deviates from the mainstream. DVous music is pronounced "Dee vee us" like "devious." It's my initials and a brand play, because my music crosses many genres and doesn't fit a mold. I deviate from the norm.

The early years
I began taking keyboard lessons at six as a way to help cure my dyslexia. That happened shortly after the background photo here was taken by my father at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.
Switched on Bach by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos captivated me. I wore out the 8-track tape. I was trained in Classical music for over 10 years. When I was a teenager, a family friend brought tapes of Pat Metheny, Jean-Michel Jarre, Chick Corea, Tangerine Dream, Keith Jarrett, and Mannheim Steamroller to our home. That convergence of music was captivating. Then I learned about Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Chaka Khan, Alan Parsons, and others that sparked my love for dance music as well.

College and intro to Jazz
The jazz band director at Waynesburg University invited me to sit in, and I quickly got hooked on jazz. Our band was one of the best in the nation. I found myself playing at a presidential inauguration.

Why do I do it?
With a love for visual arts, photography, and video, I have begun this journey to share my creations with the world. Many sounds, rhythms, deep textures, silent moments, and originality are my passion that draws inspiration from many artists and experiences.

Daniel receives a Jazz Ensemble award from Waynesburg College band director, Bill Parker

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