Magnetic Storm new single
I felt this higher energy when I produced this track. Something a bit beyond the outer reaches of some music. Imagine you are in the middle of a magnetic storm on the sun. Just letting the energy of magnetism take over your body. That's the concept.
Next Universe
The foot is on the throttle throughout this electronic dance journey that will move every bone in your body. This track was inspired after listening to a live DJ set online that was full of boundless energy.
Pianotastic is a groundbreaking space tune. 
It is a cinematic song that is great for relaxing, slow dancing, or just closing your eyes to enjoy the journey.
The debut EDM album of DVous Music
Other Electronic & Progressive tracks 

Please wear headphones or earbuds for the binaural experience. A meandering dreamy tune.

A fast-paced electronic song that feels like it belongs in a movie or computer commercial.

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